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44 Jana Pallaske - Ich habe einen Traum ZEiT MAGAZiN

i am different
you are different
Let’s be FRiENDS

We are the DifFRiENDs

We make the difference.

from the JEDi¥ESS Song “DifFRiENDS” – Release 2015


 ” Be builders ~ of BRiDGES ~ ! ”

a JEDi¥ESS song – Release 2015


…we might have a difficult time ahead of us

But if we want to be prepared for it

we must first SHED our Fear of it

i stand here before you

Truly not afraid

Not because of the path that lies before me

but because of the path already behind me

This is indijana ~Grace~ JEDi¥ESS

and i am not afraid.

~ adapted from one of my favourite documentaries..

JEDi¥ESS Manifesto